Александр Старцев

Alexander Startsev

Frontend web-developer


I work as a web developer since 2011. I'm interested in music and design in all its manifestations. Currently I live and work in Magadan (GMT+11).

I completed a lot of projects in collaboration with Just Work, Noveo and Sborka Project.

Core skills: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 (BEM), Git, Gulp, Jade/Pug.

You can contact me by email hypnocolor@gmail.com.


My pet project boilerplate for quick-start frontend development

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Ritchy is a company, that designs and develops e-liquids and e-cigarette

Russian website
European website

The project of Alexander Bagno where you can find many 360-degree panoramas of Magadan and the surrounding areas.

I developed the design, templates and functionality which was not in old version of the website.

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Philosophy of mind

The joint special project of "Postnauka" and The Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies

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Russian software development company

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Aramax e-liquids and e-cigarette

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